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How We Do!

Well hi!! Thanks for checking out our page! Let me tell you a little bit about what we do & how we do it.

First & foremost, we offer group fitness classes!! You can check out the class descriptions on our home page. To register for a class, click on any of the class description photos to visit our Punchpass site (

Once you're at our Punchpass site, create an account!

From there, you can purchase whichever pass you'd like and then register for whatever classes strike your fancy!! You must have an active pass on your account to register for a class, and online registration is mandatory for class attendance.

We do offer a livestream option for our Dance Fitness & Turn Up classes! Once you register for an online class, an email with a link for you to follow at class time will be sent to you!

Our class pass options are as follows:


Single Class Pass $7

5 Class Pass $30

10 Class Pass $50

Unlimited Monthly In-Studio Classes $65


Single Class Pass $5

5 Class Pass $20

Unlimited Monthly Online Classes $30

The only exception to the above is our FUE-LD Line Dancing Class! FUE-LD must be paid for and registered for directly from the FUE-LD class page! Just click on FUE-LD Line Dancing from the Punchpass schedule page & take it from there! :)

There is also a NO SHOW/CANCELLATION policy at our studio! If you register for a class and DO NOT CANCEL PRIOR TO CLASS TIME your pass will still be used if there is a waitlist for that class!!!

Anyone who has an active class pass also has access to our CONTENT LIBRARY! There you can find full length recorded Dance Fitness & Turn Up classes along with some choreo breakdown from our most popular class routines!

So take a little bit and explore all we have to offer!! We would LOVE to see you in class sometime!!

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