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About the Studio

How do you define Studio Undefined?

Well, let's try...

At Studio Undefined you'll find a regular schedule of group fitness classes as well as a special event schedule that aims to provide healing for the mind, body and spirit. Sometimes our special events will have nothing to do with fitness! We want to offer a wide variety of services and experiences because our bodies, hearts and minds need attention and care all in their own, unique ways.

We believe that exercise shouldn't be about trying to make our bodies look different - it should be about celebrating our bodies for all they do for us every day and all they've done for us our entire lives leading up to each new day.

We are a judgment free, inclusive, supportive space where we welcome all fitness levels & all walks of life.

We want you to let go of everything you think defines you when you walk through our doors & spend your time with us getting back to who YOU are underneath it all. 

Above any beyond anything else, every single class you take or event you attend at Studio Undefined is rooted in purpose and intention with a firm belief that we are all whole, perfectly imperfect and deserving of love, acceptance and appreciation for exactly who we are in this very moment. 

You'll never heave to earn your acceptance here.

Please take a moment to explore our site & all we have to offer. 

We'd love to see you at the Studio soon!


We can answer them! 

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