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Wait - We Have a Blog?!

Hello from Studio Undefined!

We have...a blog?!

That's right, we do!

For any of you who are new here, my name is Leesa and I am the owner of Studio Undefined. Welcome to my first blog post just over a year & a half!

2023 has been a whirlwind of a year for myself & everyone who has been involved with the studio. It was an astounding year of realizations, ending, beginnings, learning to embrace change even if it's SO scary and you have NO idea how you'll make it through. It was a year of falling down, then laying down, then trying to burrow as far into the ground as possible, then deciding it actually wasn't very comfy down there after all & picking ourselves back up and doing the hard work of climibing up out of our dirty messes.

Through all of that, the studio has evolved. It's not the same studio it was at the beginning of this year. It's home to our dance fitness, yoga, and strength classes as well as home to a wrestling academy that provides wrestling lessons to children and adults. Who in the heck could have ever seen that coming? Not me - but it came at the exact right time & I'm so grateful that Studio Undefined was able to help a fellow small business in their time of need just as much as they were able to help us in ours. Coming up in 2024 it will be the home of some amazing special events all centered around connection, healing & alignment where we'll come together to reach our greater potential. We're really going to focus on becoming our highest selves - ya feel me?!

As we prepare to lay 2023 to rest & turn our eyes, hearts, minds and spirits to 2024 - let's all take a moment to breathe in gratitude for what's come and gone from our lives throughout this year, and exhale peace and hope for what lies in store for us in 2024. The studio will continue to grow and evolve into it's greater purpose - something that I, as its owner, finally see so clearly in my mind. I see us becoming a space for joy, freedom, movement, healing, peace & community in ways we have never been before.

I am SO excited to close out this 2023 chapter and turn the page to a beautiful new year full of promise. I hope to see as many of you as I can over the next few weeks to celebarte the conclusion of this year.

Peace, Love & Sweat,


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Jaina Marie
Jaina Marie
Dec 16, 2023

Beautifully Said! Love you! 💖

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